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Welcome, dear players. We are proud to introduce you all to Radium Online, the most anticipated & sophisticated MMORPG game around. After a great deal of time spent on utilizing the most perfect form of this game, Radium Online aims to bring you the most enjoyable playing experience and gameplay that you all deserve. Radium Online team, which its owners are some of the very talented and experienced entrepreneurs, who have already made successful projects, are doing the best to our abilities, in order to give you the vanilla feel of Silkroad Online, you have always wished for. Any feature you are going to see on our project, has reached perfection after a long time contains many feature rebuilds and failed attempts. As a wise man once said
"The only source of knowledge is experience".
It wasn't easy to achieve what we got, but it's definitely worth it.

Let the show begin.

Official Trailer

What do we have to offer?

The lovely old map

The available areas on Radium are Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand and Constantinople. Just like you know them, but with small mob levels modification to give you relevant grinding areas.

Insane Activity

We know what you want.
Fun. Fun anytime a day.
Crazy daily-events are waiting for you at Radium Aqua for giving you your wish. Not the ones you used to know, but much more attractive events that you've never seen before.

Join the fight!

On Radium we developed a special currency that helps us to solve problems like magic. This currecny can be mainly obtained from the job system, therefore, we took the original job system analyzed it carefully and mend its flaws.

Radium Window

In addition to the daily events that allow players to receive credits for free, we have developed a special window that will allow you to perform unseen actions such as spinning the wheel, attendance calendar and live stream watching on Twitch.


Radium belongs to everyone!
We made tremendous efforts to attract thousands of players from all over the world in order to find a place for every single player in our server.
Start meet friends today on our social media pages!


We support twitch streamers, if you are an up and coming twitch streamer, Radium is the place for you. Our players can watch a live stream of Radium streamers on our window. Could you imagine watching a live stream while botting?

The team behind Radium

The management team is the place where everything begins and ends. The team is divided into key groups, whilst every team member is in position where his skills can be utilized the most. Some might deal with programming while others might deal with designs, community, support et cetera. Each of us has dedicated himself with all its mechanics. One thing is known for sure, every team member has an unexplained affinity to Silkroad Online that started way back in 2005, this affinity groups us all together into the best team ever seen on this community, Radium Online Team.

Radium's Vision

We never compromise on anything. Radium project vision is splitted into many shards and pieces, the beauty of it all, is when used altogether they are forming the perfect product, we cannot emphasize more about the fundamentals of Radium than we already did, each one will be a mile stone on our lonely winding old town road into greatness, Play2Win, transparency, fair gameplay, anti-corruption policy those are just a tiny hint to what is planned for you in the future, and when that time truly come, you will enjoy a fine melody orchestrated by a true conductor.

Early access

It's time. Join the madness of Radium and enjoy the opportunity to earn rewards even before the opening!
Create an account and sign your entry to the early access stage. You will not regret it.
This stage including the beta phase, referrals competition, special events, etc.

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