Recent Changes - July 2020
Version 2.08 - Second Radium Aqua Update   New unique spots have been added. Now you can find "SoSo The Black Viper" Lv. 100 & Battle Golem Lv.100 On Samarkand. To see the exact location visit the screenshot:    The new uniques have been added.....

By [GM]Isoline, 04:40

First Radium Aqua Reborn Update - V2.05
Version 2.05 - First Radium Aqua Reborn Update changelog   Job system has been enabled.  Trade goods NPCs have been restored. Now you can trade between Jangan, Donwhang and Hotan. Note that at this moment, Radium Point goods will not reward you with a special reward betwee.....

By FrictionF0, 01:49

Beta Phase starts Today!
We have postponed the official grand opening of Radium Aqua Reborn. Radium has been through many great massive changes, way more than expected, and we are not willing to take the risk and repeat our mistakes.   Beyond that, the time that we have picked for the grand opening is.....

By [GM]Isoline, 19:49

Radium Aqua Reborn, 12th of June 17:00 PM
Honesty, we believe in complete honesty and sharing. We also strongly believe in collaboration with our community, we have always been this way about every step we take in our journey together. We've got nothing to hide, 'cause lies always surface so there's no real point in it. One.....

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