Can't find an answer to your question? Create a support ticket and we will answer you soon as possible.

Website & Discord Questions

There are two ways to create a support ticket.
The first way is through the Discord, by following the instructions below:
  • Open Discord
  • Open Discord
  • Open Discord
  • Open Discord
The second way is through the website, by following the instructions below:
  • Open Discord
  • Open Discord
  • Open Discord
  • Open Discord
It might take a few minutes for the email to arrive. Please check your junk/spam email boxes, some email providers are using to filter emails like this to these boxes.
If you are sure that the email wasn't arrived to any of your email boxes, please use the email resending function.
You have to be at least level 100 to be eligible to receive your credits.
If you haven't received credits for voting with any user at the last 12 hours and you did vote,
pressing the "Receive Credits" button at the right sidebar should do the work.

Radium Window Questions

In the normal situation you should be able to open the Radium Window by pressing on the "R" key on the keyboard.
In case you've resetted the keyboard map on your settings, the default key for the Radium is "L".

You can change the way to open the window on the game options.

To do so, follow the instructions below in the game.
  • Press the key "Esc" on the keyboard.
  • Press on the "Options" button.
  • Navigate to "Key Map".
  • Scroll down until you see "Radium" at left.
  • Press on it, choose any key you want to open the window with.
  • Press confirm.
Open a support ticket on the Discord or here on the website.
Please attach to the ticket the error code number you see with your charname.
This happens because sBot is blocking unrecognized requests.
Since the sBot is not built for our specific server, it doesn't recognize our new Radium Window feature.
The fix is simple.
  • At the main bot page scroll down to the section "Security Settings".
  • Mark the option "Disable enhanced security".

This system is based on your attendance to the server.
There are 7 days in a week. For each day you submit your presence into the system, you will be rewarded instantly.
Your goal is to fulfill your attendance fully for the whole week, if you miss one day of the bunch, you won't receive the big reward at the end of the week.

Issues in the Radium Window like
  • The wheel of fortune isn't appearing.
  • Blank page without any text is showing up instead of the window.
  • "Char not found" error is appearing for some features.
And more issues are happening because of an outdated version of your default browser. It's time to update it!
To do so, you have to enter the microsoft official downloads page and choose the browsers that fit your OS.
There are two browsers you should update:
  • "Internet Explorer X for IT Professionals and Developers"
  • "Internet Explorer X"
Please choose the matching download for your OS from the downloads page, download it & install it.

You can access your titles in Radium Window by pressing L/R.

Credits & Donations Questions

You can donate using the mobile with Paygol method.
  • Events
  • Attendance
  • Vote
  • Signature
Create a support ticket on the website or in our Discord channel.
Please add the following information: TXN id, email, account id, payment method, date, donation amount.

General Questions

If the game is offline ( check the amount of players connected in the website. It should be 0), then you have to wait the end of the maintenance. If the game is still online, after an update, start button can take time to display. If start still doesn't appear, extract again radium.rar client, then start the launcher, it will patch again and fix your problem.
The PC limit on Radium Online is 2. The PC Limit is based on a unique HWID.
The job pc limit is 1 account.
Maximum plus is +14 with Advanced elixir and +12 with no Advanced Elixir.
Currently Hotan is the only fortress war enabled.
In Donwhang: they are located next to the Guild manager NPC
In Hotan: they are located next to the Merchant Associate NPC
In Alexandrian (North): they are located next to the Storage keeper NPC
In Alexandrian (South): they are located next to the Grocery trader NPC
You can buy them at Radium credits shop.
You can buy that at Radium points shop.
You can buy Sabakun scroll from Radium point shop with Radium Points and materials which is obtained from normal mobs. The materials are...
You can buy Advanced elixir remover scroll from Radium points shop.
You can buy them from Radium Points shop for 100 RP.
It depeneds on the character level and the goods amount, we do can tell that the profit for full 5* at the max level is about 6,000 RP.
You can contact a supporter by using “Radium” tab in your chat box or by writing “&” .
You have to collect 1000 honor points and you’ll get all honor buffs.
Depending on your luck and the drop rate of the unique you might get one or all of the following:
  • Pandora Box
  • Random RP Scroll ( 100-1000 )
  • 10 x 150% Speed Scroll
  • 10 x Magic Pop Cards
After the event is announced type “!register” in your chat then teleport to the arena using the portal at south Hotan and wait until the event commences
To obtain Egy A weapon you have to collect the following 8 talisman cards:
  • Broken key
  • Large tong
  • Phantom harp
  • Evil's heart
  • Vindictive spirit's bead
  • Hook hand
  • Commander's patch
  • Sereness's tears
Then you have to deliver the collection book to “Governor Senmut NPC” in Alexandria - Palace.
You can get talisman cards from Forgotten world Uniques/Treasure boxes.
You can also purchase Random talisman scroll from Radium points shop.