Radium Online Server Rules

These rules have been etched in stone for Radium Online and all players are obligated to respect them.
Any violation of these rules will result in an adequate punishment.

Possible Punishment Methods

We go lightly with law-breaking. We even developed a few unique punishments to stop violations.
Punishment may be bound for a time span nor permanent.
The list below holds all of the possible punishments in case of rules violation.

  1. Character Mute

    Muted accounts will be no longer able to communicate in the game until either the blocked-time is due, or one of the admins unmutes them. The characters will face the mute once they try to do any actions in the list below, with an appropriate message.

    • Posting a global messasge.
    • Posting any type of message in the chat block except to Radium Chat messages.
    • Posting guild announcements.
    • Choose custom party matching names.
    • Choose custom stall titles or inner stall text.
    • Transfer global chat items to other characters.

  2. HWID Mute

    HWID Mute method will mute all the characters opened on a specific PC, just like the method above.

  3. Account Ban

    Banned accounts will be no longer able to login to the game until either the block-time is due, or one of the admins unbans them. The accounts will face the block once they enter the username and password, with an appropriate message.

  4. Public IP Block

    Blocked IP addresses will be no longer able to open the game until the block time limit is reached, either until one the admins unbans them. Any PC which has a blocked public IP will see the server as "offline" without the option to communicate with it at all.

  5. PC (HWID) Block

    Blocked computers will be no longer able to open the game until the block time limit is reached, either until one the admins unbans them. The blocked computers will face the block once they will try to access the client, with an appropriate message.

  6. Web Block

    Blocked public IP addresses can be also be blocked from visiting the website. Blocked visitors will see not more than a simple block message while they visit any page in our website.

  7. Radium Ban

    This block our most threatening block, it was made to make an example of serious offenses.
    The Radium Ban is containing all our most critical blocks: Account bans, web block, PC & IP blocks on the same person.
    It will affect all the accounts under the same IP/HWID of the banned person, which means that if a person has 2 accounts, they will be both banned automatically. This way, the banned person will not just be blocked from opening the game, but also prevented from giving away his accounts.
    This method will also post an automatic ingame GM notice to notify all the server players about this ban.

    Radium Bans are usually permanent bans, they are recorded in Radium Network main servers and they affect all the servers inside the network (or the servers to come in future).

Donations & Refund Policy

By donating, you are aware to that you cannot get a refund to your money since we might have used it for the server promotional purposes. If you have donated by a mistake, you can get a full refund within 48 hours from the moment of the donation. Be aware that if you wasted even a small part from the gift we gave you for the donation (Credits), and you create a dispute, you won't be able to get refunded and you will be banned with Radium Ban Method immediately since you must have affected the game economy.

Game Rules

  1. Bug abuse or ingame exploit

    If you find a bug which can be abused in any of the platforms related to our server (Ingame/Website/Discord/etc), you must report in time. In case you didn't report it, the case will be investigated and might lead you to a Radium Ban.

  2. 3rd Party Applications - Bots, Loaders, Clientless

    • Clientless 3rd party tools are completely forbidden and our system will block you instantly.
    • Loaders are allowed, we even integrated our own loader into the client to your convenience.
    • Bots are allowed (including clientless).
    • We do not offer any type of support for these programs, since they were not made by Radium Team and we have no control over them.

      • Alchemy tools

      • In case you are using an alchemy tool, it's on your own risk, it is very common that sometimes players misplace an immortal on their alchemy tool thus destroying their precious items unintetionally. We won't dwell on such occasions, items do not disspear from your inventroy out of thin air. Be cautious.

  3. Items Selling Policy

    Attempting to sell items or accounts for real money is strictly forbidden. This also include exchanging items in other servers.

  4. Scams Policy

    • We do not deal with scams between players whatsoever. We offer many alternative ways for you to avoid "skecky deals", if you have your doubts, use a supporter as your middle man, otherwise, deal with your own risk.
    • This includes account hacking, items stealing, exchange or stalling tricks.
    • If you still think that you have been conned, you can create a support ticket with sufficient amount of evidence and we will investigate, however there is no garuntee.

  5. Global Chat & Public Speaking

    English is the only language which you are allowed to use on global chat messages. Global Message = Global Language.
    Radium Online Admins may act immediately for any offensive message they see.
    The Admins are allowed to consider any message as an offensive one. Any doubt on the Admin decision without the Admin himself to change his mind, will be restricted and might even lead you to a more severe punishment.
    This list below details offensive message ideas which are completely forbidden in our server.
    Be aware that this list applies to public speaking only, in case of an offensive private message on Discord or in the game itself, you can just block the person and avoid messages from him.

    • Racism
    • Homophobia
    • Transphobia
    • Sexism
    • Insulting other players / management team
    • Exposing personal information of any of the players
    • Mentioning other servers
    • Advertising anything which is not related to the server
    • Selling characters
    • Spreading rumors
    • Wrong or misleading information about the server
    • Spamming

    • Notice that there is no static punishment order at this matter, we might start with a punishment matching the second/third/fourth attnetion directly in case we find it too offensive.

  6. Promoting other servers

    Not only global chatting messages mentioning other servers is forbidden, but also private messages / names / hints or any other method to promote other servers.

  7. Manual Events/Giveaways Hosting

    We respect all of the past/current Radium players. However, we will not let players take the game into their hands.
    Any kind of event/giveaway hosted by the players without the management team to be involved in it, is strictly forbidden.
    If you choose to leave the game, we ask you just to quit the game. You may want to return to the server in the future, and we will not let you giveaway your items in a public method or leave poison behind you.
    Actions like this are making peer pressure, and we will not hesitate to use any means top stop it.

  8. Hacking accounts or the server itself

    Any attempt to hack the server might lead you to an instant Radium Ban, so don't even try it.
    Hacking or trolling other accounts is comepletely forbidden as well. Hacking or trolling someone else's account, will make you lose your own account. Radium Team can easily bring data back, you will be the only one who loses.