Radium Aqua Reborn, 12th of June 17:00 PM 15 May 2020, 19:49

Honesty, we believe in complete honesty and sharing. We also strongly believe in collaboration with our community, we have always been this way about every step we take in our journey together. We've got nothing to hide, 'cause lies always surface so there's no real point in it.

One thing we can absolutely guarantee is: Radium Aqua IS NOT A LIE.

Thanks to you, we know for sure now how huge is our server potential. Unfortunately, there was drastic decrease in our activity lately, anyone can see that, it is not a secret. We started off with 2000 online players (more than 1400 unique players), but gradually we lost players till the number was lower than 150 unique players. It has all been happening within less than two weeks. So, you have to wonder: How did that happen? How does a well-functioning server lose 4/5 of its active players? Well, the answer is quite simple: Peer Pressure. We've worked so hard to reach 2000 accounts online, but then FALSE rumors spread among the community, people are sometimes easily influenced so most of them left with no concrete reason. :fake_news:

Those who follow us, surely notice our action in order to take over leadership within the community:


  • We developed a special feature to mute players who use offensive language while playing.  
  • We removed the online account counter, like any other official & professional platform.
  •  We measure population in 4 different levels: Check (closed for testing), Easy (less than 1000 online accounts), Populated (more than 2000 online accounts), Crowded (more than 3000 online accounts).
  •  We didn’t hesitate to use our special banning system, in which all the accounts of a specific player under the same PC are being blocked immediately with all the server players to get notified about it by a GM notice (transparency, remember? :psrotype: )

We cannot know for sure why some players decide to harm our operation, why this peer pressure was made in first place. Everybody has different perspectives and point of views, so we won't have a discourse of pointing out these reasons because we are not interested, by any means, in those blame games. Overall, we accept this game's nature, players come and go, that's just the way it is. Furthermore, players have the right to leave whenever they feel disappointed. But we will not allow these accounts to leave wreckage and poison behind them. Not anymore.

Our policies from now on are simple: We are going to have full control thanks to our new features. This change is quite remarkable, and it's done just for everyone. Another critical step that has been done is updating our server rules and make sure everyone is keeping them. Radium has been really active two weeks so far, but it runs extraordinarily. Even haters couldn't think of any complaints which preventing people from playing in a cutting-edge way. We are going to keep our promise of satisfying this great community. We are not giving up, we promised to bring Radium Aqua to reach its full potential and we will deliver. One of our keys is excellence when it comes to programming. Radium offers so much more than other servers, that it's almost ridiculous to compare. WE OWN THEM. We're here for long-term run, unlike other servers in the scene who come and go, we are stable – we will not let our hard job to become a joke. Radium management & support is available for your questions any time, together we could build an alternative, we could create a great Silkroad experience. Thanks to you, we are succeeding. Because, we believe we can do it with no leaving rumors, no illusions, complete honesty, no peer pressure of any kind and absolute transparency. You'll be aware of estimated number of online players; You'll be able to express your thought and comments. However, we have to make sure Radium is safe, so the new enforcement will not let more evil rumors. For achieving stability, we have:


  1. An advanced system, aiming for perfection
  2. Management who will never give up
  3. A large players base


Moving on, our latest updates leave no room for mistake. We've finally developed the "Flawless product". Everyone should know that.


Unbalanced racial issues? NO. The races are now balanced than ever, the increased passive skills along with critical European skills restriction in situations like Fortress War, job, arena events, etc are now creating the perfect balance. :scales:


Inflation between Credits (Silk) and Gold? NO. The last update has proved itself about this matter as well. Players are crying for gold; it’s never been valued like that. Not even Vigor potions hanging around in the servers anymore because lack of gold. This is a sign that we have succeeded. :gold:


Inactivism? NO. The Radium Window has been optimized and now it fits the Radium Events meticulously. No more timing issues, no more bugs inside the events. Everything is running smoothly & waiting for you to play at it. Add that to the crazy activity we are going to create manually by the GMs everyday and realize that you will never be bored again. :calendar_spiral:


Any Bugs preventing you to play the real game? NO. Just, yesterday, we’ve completed the last issue we had on the list- we’ve fixed the job system and made sure it works smoothly for any kind of goods to any town. Yeah, you heard right we’ve also added the option to trade for all the towns with matching profit factor (Jangan -> Donwhang = 2x~, Jangan -> Hotan = 2.5x~). This is not the only change we’ve made for the sake of the job in the server, on the next update you will also enjoy a job killing rewarding system, to be integrated with the Radium’s Garden bloodbath. :crossed_swords:


A lot of great things are waiting for you, but before then we better move on the real subject we are here to talk about.


Last but not least, our current number of online players is unstable, it is a fact that regaining new players is an impossible task. We figured, that reopening Radium, running by an ADVANCED system and a new set of rules, would be the best solution for everyone. Think about it, a brand-new Radium :radgf: server, a developed version of Radium Aqua . We believe this time it'd be no less than stunning! This time with close observation from our side. On the other hand, Radium is not about us, that's why we've opened an official vote on our Discord channel which has ended with an absolute majority for reopening. We appreciate your opinion very much. At the end of the day, you have put much effort to it in the last couple of weeks, so the choice is yours. We wouldn't re-open without your permission. :nonono:

But, now that we have it, we won't let you down, we promise we will leave not even one player behind at any matter of satisfaction. The decision was unanimously stated. Radium Aqua reborn will be opened on 12th of June.

No worries, those who donated for Credits (Silk) in this session, will get the exact amount of the Credits after the reborn with matching delays. For instance, if a player has donated on the 28th April, two days after the grand opening of this session (26th April) and he received a gift of 1000 Credits, he will get that 1000 Credits exactly at the same point after the reborn. That means that the character will receive his donation gift on the 14th of June, two days after the reborn time on 12 of June.

Another example: I'm a player who donated 3 times.


  • The first time was on the day of the grand opening, on the 26.04 for 10$ (650 Credits).
  • The second time was 3 days after the grand opening, on the 29.04 for 15$ (1120 Credits).
  • The last time was 1 week after the grand opening, on the 03.05 (5$ 320 Credits).

I will get all of my credits back with time, but on the reborn opening (12.06) I will receive only 650 credits. 3 Days after the reborn opening, on the 15.06 I will receive 1120 more credits. 1 Week after the reborn opening, on the 19.06 I will receive the last donation of 320 credits, and this is the time when I got all my credits back. Within 2 weeks from the reborn time, everyone should get all the credits they got from the donations. This way, no players will begin with an advantage on the others and the situation is going to be just like it was before. Equality.

"sometimes, in order to achieve perfection, you have to rebuild" Radium Aqua Is Perfection. :radgf:


What's next?


We are going to work around the clock in the next two weeks, until the grand opening, in order to build the perfect long-term server. The server will stay online, however we might open/close it too many times for you to be able to play.

Aqua Reborn will have no beta phase, it will be opened officially on June 12th, 17:00 PM GMT + 3. We aware to any issue/improvement we have to implement, thanks to the two weeks the server was running with more than 1500 players. Furthermore, the next two weeks will be used as kind of beta as well. We will keep you updated for any group of changes on our Discord channel and you will be able to login and check them by yourself.

That's why we can promise; This opening is going to be smooth as silk.


While we work to bring you the perfect server until the grand opening, you might see votes for critical future server decisions on our Discord. We ask you to participate in all of them to influence what you like. This way, we will build the perfect server together.

Along this work, we start a campaign with a large budget invested from our own pockets to ensure we bring even more players to this opening. Clear your minds from worries:dove:

The server will be running smoothly with a lot of players. If you like our server, we deserve your try. We will start from today, stay tuned on this channel to take part in votes that will affect the server. Good luck to us! Thank everyone for the support! :radgf:


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