Beta Phase starts Today! 28 May 2020, 19:49

We have postponed the official grand opening of Radium Aqua Reborn. :timer:

Radium has been through many great massive changes, way more than expected, and we are not willing to take the risk and repeat our mistakes. :notsofast:


Beyond that, the time that we have picked for the grand opening is problematic for many of the players, and for some of the staff members as well. Therefore we all agreed that this is not the right momentum. The server will be opened today as planned, after wiping all existing data from the previous project. But it will be for "beta phase" period only. We know that some of you might be upset, but trust us, we have waited eagerly to this date just as you if not more, and yet you need to trust us that if we chose to do so. There is no other choices, and it is for the great good of Radium. We won't just open the server to get out of duty, we will make sure everything is running perfectly then we will make it. This one to ensure a bright future to our project. Everything happens for a reason.


Today, you will get a taste of Radium Aqua, after all the massive changes we applied. However you data will be wiped once again after beta. The server will be tested in every aspect, little things to bigger things, so it will run as smooth and as long as ever before, without any complications. All the "beta players" will be rewarded for taking a part on this phase, on each beta day we will announce a new set of goals for testing. Those will include the latest features added to the server. We understand that players don't want to waste their time knowing their data will be wiped, however being a part of the beta is very lucrative.


  • Useful beta players will start with the "Columbus" title, while the other players will have to work hard to acquire any kind of title.
  • Beta players will be rewarded with Credits (Silk) on the grand opening and will start with an obvious advantage over others.
  • Beta player will have the opportunity to verify features that were added into Radium, as they are looking too good for being real from looking from from side.
  • Beta player will indulge with personal treatment from the developers and will have great impact on server decision making process. They will have the ability to influence the server future.


Schedules :clock:


  • :alarm_clock: Beta phase will take place for about 10 days, depending on our progress, starting from today and until 7th of June.
  • :alarm_clock: Official grand opening date will be postponed to 12th of June.
  • :alarm_clock: In the time span between the 7th - 12th of June, the server will be closed entirely to increase the enthusiasm and focus on advertising

We took a "safe margin" from today and until 12th of June so we will be able to test, check and fix every unforeseen problem that may occur. In parallel, we will increase the awareness of Radium throughout the SRO community. We will be running well-funded ads, so we will reach every possible player. The goal is that until the 12 of June, there won't be even a single player that won't know what is Radium Aqua, what stage it is (after beta tests), and what Radium Aqua is capable of.


We believe that this decision will double the community that we had and the one that will join Radium and will grant us the ability to verify our tests to the fullest.


Wishing you good luck, and offering our sincere apology, Radium Aqua COO. :radgf:


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i need credits if you con give me

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