First Radium Aqua Reborn Update - V2.05 17 Jun 2020, 01:49

:radgf: Version 2.05 - First Radium Aqua Reborn Update changelog :alert: 

  • :small_orange_diamond: Job system has been enabled.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Trade goods NPCs have been restored. Now you can trade between Jangan, Donwhang and Hotan. Note that at this moment, Radium Point goods will not reward you with a special reward between Jangan <> Hotan. You will still get double Radium Points between any towns until the next update. However you will get extra reward for gold goods.
  • :small_orange_diamond:Uniques spawn time has been fixed, from now on, all the uniques except Roc which is spawning once a day, will be spawned every two hours. You can check the uniques tab in the Radium Window for the specific info.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Radium Window has been fixed for all the users, mBot users are now able to view the Radium Window properly and sBot users are able to use the hide client feature normally.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Seal of Star visual stats have been fixed. Remember that Seal of Star is modified for last tier normal item + 1, which means that Seal of Start item is stronger than any normal item, but weaker than Seal of Moon item.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The spawn rate in some of the problematic areas you reported has been fixed.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Auto share party will share the drops between the party members properly now.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The reward for each vote site has been modified.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The giveaway function of our Discord Bot has been fixed, get ready for new giveaways.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Captain Ivy HP has been reduced.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Captain Ivy OP buff has been fixed.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Evil Order Soldier / Evil Order Warrior mobs have been modified.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Evil Wolf / Dark Wolf mobs have been modified.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Grab pets have 3 pages now, it's working on real time with no need to respawn the pet.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Any items will no longer be droppable on character death.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Job Cave uniques spawn notices have been disabled.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The rewards for the auto events have been increased from 1-5 to 10-20
  • :small_orange_diamond: Seal of Moon drops rate has been increased significantly.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Seal of Star drops rate has been reduced a bit.

Have fun everyone, Radium Aqua Team. :radgf:


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