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:radgf: Version 2.08 - Second Radium Aqua Update :alert: :radgf:

  • :small_orange_diamond: New unique spots have been added. Now you can find "SoSo The Black Viper" Lv. 100 & Battle Golem Lv.100 On Samarkand. To see the exact location visit the screenshot:


  • :small_orange_diamond: The new uniques have been added to the Radium Window timing.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The special drops have been added to the new uniques.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The bug in which you couldn't get the unique kill reward while wearing a job suit is fixed.
  • :small_orange_diamond: From now on, any unique will drop the special drops, no matter what is the level of the unique.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Radium Arena events have been optimized & fixed. You won't be able to use zerk or team up by parties inside the arena anymore.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Honor system has been enabled.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Battle Arena has been enabled.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The reward for the Capture the Flag event has been changed, from now on you will receive Arena Coin for each kill inside and honor points for winning.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Each unique (per day) player kill in the job system will reward you with honor points.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Each unique (per day) player kill inside any of the Radium Arena events will reward you with honor points.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The Radium Set prices have been changed. The gold cost has been increased, and Arena Coins cost (100~300)  have been added to all the items. Login and check out the new prices.
  • :small_orange_diamond: New players will start with two new untradeable items: 20 Reverse Scrolls & Devil Spirit 5% for 7 days. This one is in order to motivate new players to reach the maximum level faster by lighter accessories.
  • :small_orange_diamond: EXP/SP Rates have been increased significantly.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Model Switcher prices have been modified. Degrees 2-10 switchers are now having static price of 600 Credits and higher switchers have been increased by 200 credits.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Stat/Skill reset scrolls have been fixed.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Elixir/Stones drop rates have been increased slightly.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Now you will get package of 11 Reverse Scrolls when you buy it from the Radium Points shop instead of 1.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Magic Pop success rates have been increased a bit.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Fortresswar tax issue has been fixed.
  • :small_orange_diamond: SoSo unique mob infinite spawns bug has been fixed, you are now able to kill it.
  • :small_orange_diamond: SoSo and Battle Golem Kills will reward you with 1,000 RP each.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Fortress War taxes has been fixed. The occupying guild master may set his taxes over Hotan. A symbolic gold amount of gold will be given as a compensation to the current guild master, since he could not set his taxes prior this patch.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The reward for Capture the flag has been set to Arena Coin.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The Fortress War original date and time is now set back to it's original time: 21:00 (Server Time GMT + 3)
  • :small_orange_diamond: The Fortress War registration period has been set to everyday except during the actual war time.
  • :small_orange_diamond: The Fortress War occupying guild will be set right after war is finished.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Silk per hour system has been enabled, expect 1 credit every hour, your character must be level 100.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Battle Arena, along with the classic CTF has been enabled.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Radium Bot is back in rotation ! expect more giveaways during active hours!
  • :small_orange_diamond: Trade spawns has been slightly reduced.

                            :timer: Battle Arena / Capture The Flag schedule as follows: :timer:


  • :small_orange_diamond: Capture The Flag: (Fight duration of 20 Minutes)
  • :small_orange_diamond: Day Time: 12:00 PM, 16:00 PM, 20:00 PM
  • :small_orange_diamond: Night Time: 00:00 AM, 04:00 AM, 08:00 AM
  • :small_orange_diamond: Minimum required participants: 8
  • :small_orange_diamond: Rewards: Winning team - 1 AC per kill made.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Battle Arena (Random): (Fight duration of 15 Minutes)
  • :small_orange_diamond: Day Time: 14:00 PM, 18:00 PM, 22:00 PM
  • :small_orange_diamond: Night Time: 02:00 AM, 04:00 AM, 06:00 AM
  • :small_orange_diamond: Minimum required participants: 8
  • :small_orange_diamond: Battle arena modes will take place on and off alternately between days:
  • :small_orange_diamond: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - CTF mode only.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Score mode only.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Rewards: Winning team - 5 AC, Losing team 1 AC.


  • :small_orange_diamond: Solo Survival winners announcement has been fixed.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Mobs drops will drop SoS/SoM/SuN accordingly to the mob level. (lvl 100 Highest chances ~ level 91 lowest chances).
  • :small_orange_diamond: Roc HP has been reduced to 153.5M Health Points.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Roc % OP Skill has been reduced from 90% to 70%.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Roc Devil-Shaitan spawns has been disabled.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Roc will drop 1~2 Radium Set Items (100%)
  • :small_orange_diamond: Roc kill will reward the killer with 10,000 RP.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Radium Garden Uniques: Salamander, Gnome, Sylph, Undine spawns have been disabled.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Radium Custom Scrolls are only usable inside of towns.
  • :small_orange_diamond: General server maintenance, updates, clean-ups.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Capture the flag required players to start has been set to 6.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Battle Arena required players to start has been set to 6.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Resurrection scroll inside of Radium Arena has been restricted.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Voters ranking page has been fixed. Now you will be able to view it in the normal form: Click Here
  • :small_orange_diamond: Radium Window performance has been improved significantly. You should be able to open the Radium Window much faster than before. We have also changed the main view back to the changelog page.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Reworked vote system. All vote sites should be working fine for everyone now.

Radium Aqua COO.




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