Grand Reborn Opening

12th of June, 2020 • 17:00 PM (GMT + 3)


# Owners Status Icon Type Plus Level
1AresEquipped Venom Poison Horn Spear Normal8 98
2No_MercyEquipped Not found Normal8 90
3Only_T0_KillEquipped Magician Glacier Seal of Star10 +(2) ADV76
4Bad_ToyNot Equipped Demonic Skin Seal of Star9 +(1) ADV76
5AresEquipped Divine Witacheon Tasset Normal7 100
6AresEquipped Divine Witacheon Lamellar Normal7 100
7AresEquipped Divine Witacheon Boots Normal7 99
8AresEquipped Divine Witacheon Glove Normal7 98
9AresEquipped Shine Tiger's Eye Ring Normal7 98
10AresEquipped Tiger's Eye Necklace Seal of Moon7 92
11NoT_ONEEquipped Witacheon Lamellar Seal of Star8 +(1) ADV92
12AresEquipped Tiger's Eye Earring Seal of Moon7 91
13AresEquipped Witacheon Headgear Seal of Moon7 91
14NoT_ONEEquipped Witacheon Headgear Seal of Star7 91
15EL30O0O0O0ODEquipped Not found Normal9 +(2) ADV90
16EL30O0O0O0ODEquipped Not found Normal9 +(2) ADV90
17JougEquipped Not found Normal9 +(2) ADV90
18AresEquipped Witacheon Shell Seal of Moon7 90
19AresEquipped Tiger's Eye Ring Seal of Moon7 90
20NoT_ONEEquipped Witacheon Glove Seal of Star7 90
21nGcEquipped Gem Necklace Seal of Star9 +(2) ADV80
22__Ubbe__Equipped Sapphire Necklace Seal of Star7 80
23CommanderEquipped Gale Breast Tasset Seal of Star7 80
24CommanderEquipped Gale Boots Seal of Star9 +(2) ADV78
25CommanderEquipped Sapphire Earring Seal of Star7 78
26ibechy_Equipped Taeuljinin Spear Seal of Star9 +(2) ADV76
27Bad_ToyNot Equipped Furious Beast Seal of Star8 +(1) ADV76
28nGcEquipped Taeuljinin Spear Seal of Star8 +(1) ADV76
29sosohellEquipped Taeuljinin Spear Seal of Star8 +(1) ADV76
30CommanderEquipped Sapphire Ring Seal of Star7 76
31ibechy_Not Equipped Taegeuk Shield Seal of Sun9 +(2) ADV64
32nGcEquipped Girin Horn Lamellar Seal of Star8 +(2) ADV81
33nGcEquipped Girin Horn Tasset Seal of Star8 +(2) ADV80
34CommanderNot Equipped Sapphire Necklace Seal of Star6 80
35nGcEquipped Gem Earring Seal of Star8 +(2) ADV78
36nGcEquipped Girin Horn Shell Seal of Star7 +(1) ADV77
37CommanderEquipped Gale Alette Seal of Star6 77
38YingEquipped Taeuljinin Spear Seal of Sun7 +(1) ADV76
39CommanderEquipped Sapphire Ring Seal of Star8 +(2) ADV76
40CeciliaNot Equipped Dark Phantom Seal of Star7 +(1) ADV76
41HiroEquipped Taeuljinin Spear Seal of Star6 76
42AnathemaNot Equipped Cygnus Light Chain Tasset Normal6 14
43BuDDhA___69Equipped Shine Tiger's Eye Necklace Normal5 100
44BuDDhA___69Equipped Legendary Break Heaven Sword Normal5 98
45BuDDhA___69Equipped White Tiger Bone Shield Normal5 98
46__RaGnaR__Equipped Legendary Break Heaven Sword Normal5 98
47__RaGnaR__Equipped White Tiger Bone Shield Normal5 98
48LaGerTha__69Equipped Legendary Break Heaven Sword Normal5 98